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Counseling & Coaching Services

It is time to Heal and

Take the Limits off!

You may seek a Transformational Coach when you feel you need help obtaining goals in life or want a more fulfilling life. People seeking coaching experience problems in relationships, finances, careers, and life experiences. Often you may feel lost and this type of coaching allows you to find yourself and achieve goals. The focus will be on positive talents and abilities which helps to put the past- including failures or perceived failures to rest, charge forward to new goals, heal and transform into the amazing person God created them to be.
Consultation is available on an individual or group level on specified topics. Trainings and speaking engagements for corporate, small business and schools are offered.
*Due to the Pandemic (COVID) all services are offered virtually

Discovery Coaching

This package is for anyone who needs help with developing life goals- which lead into pursuing career/business goals. 

If you are an entrepreneur, influencer, creative, and/or freelancer who wants to achieve their business goals more strategically, you will work with ReHope Coach to get there. You will work to clarify the vision of your business and how it fits into your personal goals, values, and purpose. You will receive assistance and guidance with your business planning. ReHope Coach will help you identify the weaknesses and blind spots that may be holding your business back and develop a plan to combat weaknesses-(digging into the emotions that have been keeping you stagnant). We will also explore and build on your strengths, maximize your talents and improve your business model to avoid foreseeable setbacks. You will be encouraged to stay motivated, be held accountable, and ultimately become successful in achieving your business vision.

Singles Coaching Preparation 

This form of coaching is for singles who are in discovery of whom they are becoming. They are either looking to enter into a relationship and need the proper tools or exiting a relationship and trying to pick up the pieces. This style of coaching prepares and teaches you how to "Demand What You Deserve". ™️ Which is a principle trademarked and developed by ReHope Coach Williams (Nydria). This program will prepare you for the partnership you are waiting for if this is the goal. You will develop the skills needed to create healthy boundaries, balance, and devise expectations of self.

Couples Coaching Refresher

The goal here is to help one or both partners in the relationship improve something – for example, improving communication, personal growth or helping them respond to needs better. This package is for the Couple who is committed to engaging in reconnection and a reset in their relationship. It is perfect for the couples who have been together for a length of time and want to discover what is missing and/or bring back the honeymoon phase.

Couples Coaching Mending

The goal here is to engage in full mending and reconditioning of the couple relationship using a specific eight-week program. 
The relationship is in dire need of help. The couple may feel like they are steps away from separation or divorce. This is the last step effort before, considering doing something that will hurt the relationship tremendously. The couple will engage in role-play activities while in session and there are homework requirements.


Group Coaching 






This is an effective coaching technique for working with individuals to help improve their health, well-being, personal strengths, self-efficacy, leadership qualities and team building.  

Premarital Counseling

This package is for the Couple who is committed to preparing themselves and their couple relationship for a successful marriage. This is a program-based form of counseling that is strict and structured, role-play and homework assignments are required. Christian based premarital counseling, six sessions must be attended to successfully complete counseling prior to marriage. Couples meet weekly for six weeks. 

Speaking Engagement/Consulting

Speaking Engagements/Consultations are available on topics such as: Coping with Depression and Anxiety, Trauma Informed Care in the Workplace/School, Women Empowerment, Meditation, Bullying in Schools, and Grief and Loss.

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