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90-day Coaching Program

This program is for my Boss Babes ready to turn Dreams into Reality

🛞identifying and addressing any limiting beliefs or past traumas that may be holding you back in your business. You will learn how to break free from negative patterns and create a solid foundation for success. Rewrite your story, turning your trauma into a testimony.

🛞you will learn how to set realistic and achievable goals for your business, as well as effective time management strategies to help you stay organized and on track.

🛞 importance of branding and how to effectively market yourself and your business to attract your ideal clients. You will also learn how to use social media and other marketing strategies to grow your audience and increase your visibility.

🛞as a boss woman, learn how to set boundaries and build resilience to overcome obstacles and setbacks in your business.

🛞being a boss woman means being a leader. Learn how to lead with mindfulness, compassion, and authenticity

🛞learn how to identify and navigate these relationships in a healthy way without sacrificing your success.

🛞learn how to communicate confidently and assertively to get what you deserve in your business and personal life.

🛞ongoing support and accountability from your coach and a community of boss women. Includes monthly check-ins, group coaching calls, and access to a private online community.

🌟Our services include:

-Bi-weekly coaching call (one hour)

-Reconnect with your inner strength and resilience as we help you overcome past traumas

-We will also provide unlimited communication between coaching calls via email Monday through Friday, ensuring you always have the support you need.

Demand What You Deserve ™  90-day Coaching Program

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